Amazing Californian Cuisine Arrives in Westwood Village with Fellow Los Angeles

As Los Angeles residents who are always on the move, we’ve often found ourselves starving around lunchtime getting off the 405 in desperate search of a solid place for lunch that is not only healthy but also delicious.


We were so excited to learn about the opening of Fellow Los Angeles, a joint collaboration between two close friends – Philip Camino & Terry Tolba, with the intention of bringing excellent food, cocktails, and sweets to the community of Westwood and beyond. We scrolled through their menu and admired the California/New American theme throughout, and put Fellow at the top of our must-try list.


Next thing we knew, we were sitting inside their gorgeously decorated high-ceiling restaurant, basking in natural sunshine – completely unable to decide what to order amongst their menu of amazing sounding dishes. How could we only pick a few?


So in Top Foodie fashion, we ended up sampling much of the menu. We were so impressed by how wholesome, fresh, yet intricate each dish was and there was not a single doubt that the creators of this menu put so much thought and love into each and every plate they served.


Here’s what we got and our thoughts:

Truffle Mac n’ Cheese + Crab

We can’t resist ordering Truffle Mac anytime we see it on a menu. Seriously, it’s becoming a problem. But…we had no regrets chowing down on Fellow’s delicious Truffle Mac n’ Cheese with crab added. Their crab portion was so generous that we got a big chunk of crab in every bite! The hint of garlic and parmesan infusion gracefully coated every cheesy shell and we loved it! This Truffle Mac is a great shareable for the table and goes well with anything else you’ll order off Fellow’s menu.


Virginia Style Crab Cakes

These are definitely not your average crab cakes. They come topped with a fennel salad + capers, and served with a Sriracha Tartar Sauce! We loved the classic aspects of the crab cakes, as they do have the familiar soft crabby texture but Fellow’s unique spin makes them so much more interesting. They’re a great shareable appetizer, but if you have more than 2 in your party, we recommend getting a few orders of the Crab Cakes since everyone absolutely deserves their own!


Tuscan Kale Salad + Pan Roasted Salmon

Who doesn’t love a solid salmon kale salad? Fellow delivers their version in a hearty bowl, as their “Tuscan Kale Salad” – accompanied with quinoa & farro, currants, apricot, flaky parmesan, sunflower seeds, and so much more  – all topped with olive oil. Adding salmon to this tres healthy equation makes for a guilt-free yet super filling lunch!


Yard Bird Sandie

We’ve been admiring the Yard Bird on Instagram for a few weeks – so laying eyes on it for the first time was a little like meeting an ultra-cool celebrity. Needless to say, we were mesmerized! We opted for crispy chicken thigh, to get the juciest cut possible and loved that it came on a pretzel bun! The aged cheddar tied the sandwich together beautifully and we suggest adding in some additional aioli to make the sandwich super moist and juicy! This Yard Bird is one of Fellow’s superstar dishes – and we guarantee you won’t find it done the same anywhere else.


Cajun Tater Tots

You can’t fully enjoy a burger or sandwich without a potato accoutrement! Fellow’s Cajun tater tots had a perfectly tasty combination of seasoned and crunchy. We really loved going back for these throughout our dining experience and love how easy they are to share! They’d go great with all the salad options, and even along with a salad if you’re in the mood for a little guilty potato pleasure.


Green Curry Brussel Sprouts

This dish was an unexpected surprise. We would even go as far as to say that it was possibly one of our top favorites from our lunch at Fellow! With all the green curry and basil flavors, this bowl of brussel sprouts is guaranteed to teleport you straight to the authentic kitchens in Thailand. So often, brussels are assigned the role of an interesting side, but in a way, this version made them feel like one of the star attractions of our table! We couldn’t get enough, and it was the dish we kept talking about – hours after our lunch experience at Fellow. An absolute must-get.


Roasted Baby Carrots

Terry, one of Fellow’s creators, was kind enough to notice that our lunch would be more complete with some plates from the veggie section. Once again, Sriracha made its way onto the table with a beautiful glaze on these crunchy baby carrots and we were not mad about it! We liked how the glaze paired well with the hints of coriander and poppy on the dish and the carrots acted as a nice side to the main courses.


Kombucha on Tap (!!)

What’s cooler than Kombucha on tap? The fact that Fellow has THREE different varieties including one of our favorites – Health-Ade Pomegranate, as well as GT’s Ginger Lemonade and Cucumber Mint Lime. Whether you’re a seasoned kombucha fan or have never tried it before, we suggest adding this to your Fellow experience. It’s a nice substitute to soda and beer, but somehow tastier than both! We couldn’t help but ask for refills of ours.


Fellow Los Angeles is a beautifully executed concept from floor, to kitchen, to ceiling (very detailed ceiling, if you get a chance to look up!). In addition to the fact that so much TLC was put into the establishment of this restaurant, it was really the amazing quality of food and the genuine souls that run it which really won our hearts.


You can tell that the dishes are being created with greater intentions than just serving a hungry crowd. They really want the food to conjure deep satisfaction by those dining, with the most wholesome and simple ingredients fused together beautifully. You can feel that everyone from the waitstaff to the owners really loved Fellow deeply and wanted to share their treasured establishment with the rest of us.


And for all of these reasons, we say that Fellow is a must-try. They are now officially open for lunch if you’re in the mood to try a dish or two (or seven, as we did). Make your way over to the beautiful Westwood Village, grab a kombucha and some grub at Fellow, and then catch an indie flick at the Landmark for the perfect afternoon.

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