Brunch at Osteria La Buca is a Farm-to-Table Dream

This month, we had the chance to stop by Osteria La Buca for Sunday Brunch. The restaurant is self-identified as a “Country Italian Tavern” and their decor is a perfect fusion between industrial and modern.  We have long admired their lovely menu of brunch classics and pasta creations – which we were ecstatic to finally try!


We were seated by the window which offered amazing natural light and the lovely waitress ran through the menu sharing her recommendations with us. We were so delighted to learn that Osteria La Buca is one of the few LA restaurants that truly offers a “farm-to-table” experience, and is as local as it gets – with their own organic farm a few miles away in the Brentwood Hills! All breads and pastas are also made in-house on the second level, which ensures the freshest tasting pasta and sandwich dishes around!


Now, all about the food:

California Toast

Brunch is never complete without a solid avocado toast and we love that Osteria La Buca’s “California Toast” featured soft scrambled eggs as well! These two rich ingredients played so well together, and sat above of a thin and crispy herb-laden rosemary sourdough and topped with a light arugula salad. The ingredients all fused together for one of the most unique avocado toast creations you’ll find in the city. The combination of textures and flavors were delicious and we enjoyed the California Toast throughout our brunch experience – it is so much more than just a starter!


Polenta-Ricotta Skillet Cake

It’s wild to think that skillet cakes have been around since the 1800’s, before ovens were invented, and can still be found in modern restaurants today. We loved that Osteria La Buca incorporated such a historical dish on their menu, fusing together polenta and ricotta in the most interesting way. The dense polenta, topped with fluffy ricotta and jam was a nice play on flavors. We would say that this was a nice side dish and a nice homage to a historic dinner dish from centuries ago. If you’re a fan of polenta or are a food history buff, this would definitely be a must-try for you.


Bucatini Carbonara

WOW. This Italian dish was the absolute star of the brunch and will likely be on our minds every single Sunday since we were graced with its presence at Osteria La Buca. As Carbonara aficionados, we have tried to make a solid Carbonara at home – only to be met with difficulties in creating a creamy sauce that was not chunky or flaky at all. Osteria La Buca has this down to an absolute art – as their Carbonara came out with a soft poached egg on top to be mixed into the pasta dish. Despite all the varying elements, the pasta came together beautifully table-side while giving us a fun feeling of partial responsibility by completing the final steps in the creation of this amazing pasta. The homemade bucatini was served perfectly al-dente and the pancetta was a lovely classic addition to a true Italian masterpiece.

Overall, Osteria La Buca not only lived up to all of our hopes and expectations but went far beyond in every way. The service was excellent, the food was impeccable, and vibe was casual yet refined. We’ll definitely be back for a dinner experience and highly recommend Osteria La Buca for a farm-to-table dining experience that is top-notch and as fresh & uncomplicated as it gets.

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