A Summertime Cooking Experience with Chef Elana/Meal With A Spiel

Last week, we got to experience a very exclusive Summer Farmer’s Market Favorites cooking class led by Chef Elana Horwich – creator of Meal & A Spiel in a beautiful setting.

The class took place in her stunning home in Beverly Hills, and we enjoyed a magical night of handcrafted cocktails, incredible Italian classics, and Chef Elana’s wholesome and decadent recipes.

Italian Cooking with a Fun Twist

The ambiance of the class was warm and food-focused as a small group of us huddled around the kitchen’s island which also featured a massive stovetop and prep area. Chef Elana started the night with handmade cocktails, which we all worked together to concoct. Blackberries, cucumbers, blenders, and ample gin were involved in creating The Corazon cocktail which the entire class enjoyed with delight and definitely helped break the ice.

Next, we learned how to make authentic bruschetta as Chef Elana shared ALL of her secrets to preparing the prefect Italian classic appetizer. During this part of the night, we learned exactly what the purpose of a broiler is (toasted the bread perfectly – but DO NOT coat your bread with oil prior to putting into the broiler). After working collaboratively with other class attendees, a beautiful bruschetta was created as we all enjoyed our first hard earned bites of the night.

We also made Grilled Eggplant and Burrata Involtini and learned a ton about burrata cheese along the way. We also began to prep for the main course – Spelt Pasta with Asparagus aka Pasta di Farrocongli Asparagi (out of this world incredible).

Cooking Opens Hearts and New Friendships

Chef Elana demoed what she needed us to do, and then divvied up the cooking tasks so we could all have the most fun working together to create entire collaborative dishes. Of course, the food we made and enjoyed was beyond incredible but what we also loved was the warm interaction and laughter that was present throughout the class.

Enjoying the finished dishes together and talking about the food that we all helped each other make together was an incredible experience. It honestly made each bite such a treasure, and we felt like true Italian chefs after all that we had learned.

Cooking, as we learned, is something that ties people and cultures together even amongst a group who are virtually strangers in the beginning. By the end of the night, we made friends we felt so connected to and we’re certain that our happy bellies also helped cultivate these new friendships.

Thank you Chef Elana for including us in your magical night. For those of you who would like to bring this cooking experience into your own homes, you can purchase one of her badass Meal and a Spiel Cookbooks directly from her website: https://mealandaspiel.com/shop/

Bring Meal & A Spiel Into Your Kitchen

Next time you have a free evening or afternoon, we highly recommend spending it with a loved one re-creating one or three or five of Chef Elana’s incredible recipes from her book.

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